Article — From the January issue. A clack of tiny sparks. Remembrances of a gay boyhood. By Bernard Cooper. Download Pdf. Read Online. This article is. Our Service Can Write a Custom Essay on A Clack of Tiny Sparks in Cooper’s story, because she bridges the reality to Bernard Cooper’s. A Clack of Tiny Sparks: Remembrances of a Gay Boyhood A Clack of Tiny Sparks : Remembrances of a Gay Boyhood, written by Bernard Cooper is about a.

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He hopes that the feelings he has for boys will change by kissing a girl, and that he will learn to like the opposite sex after he does to be like all of the other boys. Cooepr sorority I was in was not the life style that I wanted. Cooper attends the make out party because he figured what he needed to do was kiss a girl and learn to like it.

He goes to the party with the hope that he will meet a girl, kiss her and have some sort of feelings for her, a “spark”. I think the description at the end where he describes the party with, “clack of tiny sparks” is describing almost an epiphany which he has in realizing his true thoughts about himself, and who he feels attracted too. That observation was definitely a sign that he was a homosexual because most teenage boys would be too occupied with kissing girls to really pay attention to something like that.

A Guiding Question for “Issues. So he is determined to kiss coopee girl and like it. Why did he use that image for his title? I think that Cooper was so bored with the make beenard party that he was noticing and paying attention to things like the sparks from static electricity. Instead he still has feelings for boys instead of girls.

I listened to him talk about it, but I could not relate.

A Clack of Tiny Sparks Essay

All academic essays are formatted in any citation style: This was the point where he knew that he could not change the way he felt for boys. After seeing how they feel sparis each other he realizes that he does not have that spark towards girls. He just knew thats how they felt toward each other, but he didnt feel it at all.


He probably feels like his friends will think of him different and he doesn’t want that. The passion between the couples was practically visible. Copper attends the party because he wants to see what kissing a girl feels like, and hopes he will like it. He doesn’t have the same ‘spark’ for the opposite sex as the others. He used this image for the title because at first he was unsure if he really had feelings for boys or he could like girls.

Additionally, I will be giving extra credit to exceptionally thoughtful responses, which some folks have offered consistently. Like fireworks bursting after being lit, the make-out party was his flame for his anew self.

Comp City: Blog Question for “A Clack of Tiny Sparks”

I think he ends his description of the party by saying “clack of tiny sparks,” because gernard was comparing his feelings towards girls to sparks. He hoped he would end up attracted to girls so he wouldn’t be called a “fag”. Do you need urgent assistance in writing high school, college or university academic papers?

Since Bernard was whether he acknowledged it or not a homosexual, he could not feel a connection kissing a girl. He is confused whether or not he is attracted to male or female.

Responses: “A Clack of Tiny Sparks” by Bernard Cooper

This discription made me picture sparks from the static of the rug sparking while all these immature kids are switching partners at this party, static of immature curiousity. I think he used that image for his title because it is the best way to show that tiny sparks can not always become larger into what people want to see, they can die and show a true identity. Cooper wants to convince himself that kissing girls is better, and that if he kissed a girl, he wouldn’t like boys anymore.

The feeling was not mutual when it came to his emotions. Cooper attends the make out party in hopes of training himself to become attracted to girls. I hope this answers these questions of identity. When we think of “sparks” we typically think of either something pertaining to fireworks or love. He used that phrase for the title because it still applied to his live.

It came to be he had no spraks at the party so that’s when he knew he really liked boys. Cooper attends the make out party in hopes of kissing a girl, and hopes he will realize he likes girls. I felt that it was wrong of his friend.


Swimming provided him with sexual fantasy probably for the fact that it tickles his fancy and he likes the feel of the riffled water to his skin. I thought I would not be accepted if I was not in the same scene as they were. Copper ends his description of the party with the observation of the “clack of tiny sparks” because as he watched everyone switching around the circle he could see and hear the sparks between each “couple”. When the author explained it from his point of view I saw it. I hid behind a this image that I put up for myself at Sonoma State.

He uses the quote, “All that shuffling accross coack carpet charged everyone’s arms and lips with static, and eventually, between low moans and soft osculations, I could hea the clack of tiny sparks and see them flare here and in there Ot signifies, maturity; she is truthful bernarc honest and non-judgmental. Lasell Links My Lasell. At one point in the essay, he was talking about how habits can be changed.

Other Links Patricia Roy Plagiarism. Nobody wants to be singled out as “different” at a young age, so many kids will coooper whatever it takes to fit in.

A clack of tiny sparks

Cooper attends a make out party because he wants to kiss a girl. He ended his decription the way her did because thats how he saw the party, a bunch of boys and girls feeling “sparks” for eachother. He is hoping that if he makes out with a girl he will feel sparks and it will reassure him that he is heterosexual. After attending the make out party he just knew if you liked the someone you would feel those sparks just like the boys and girls did.

From Bernard’s perspective, “a clack of tiny sparks” is what was happening all around him that night at the party.

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