Grab ahold of some TP and prepare crap yourself, Pimp Network Community fav. Paradise has just released his book “21st Century Fox:Space Age Pimpin” unto. 21st Century Fox Space Age Pimping has 4 ratings and 0 reviews: pages. A digital ages pimpin. 21st Century Fox Space Age Pimping. Click the start the download. DOWNLOAD PDF. Report this file. Description. A digital ages pimpin.

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This kind of ignorance used to result in far out shit such as pistols at dawn!

I think the guys thinking with their dicks are shallow. But I’m outside the Matrix. So I have included them both under the one heading. Oxygen is a close second. The first one resonates with me the most.

[PDF] 21st Century Fox Space Age Pimping – Free Download PDF

They also suckers for what others think of them, status. One has debts to the ceiling, credit cards at their limits and is paying the minimum each month.

I am simply their platonic friend. When I define a Pimp, I’m coming from a mental aspect. Happiness in itself is attractive. They’re looking at me from a more Sexual and Emotional viewpoint, see.

21st Century Fox Space Age Pimping: Paradise: : Books

She can act passively and the male assumes a chasing role. If a friend of the same sex acted in the same manner with you, you would soon tell them where to go and zge to do! It’s like they’re driving around on the wrong side of the road.


I tell hoes “As long as you’re good to me, all you ever29EnvironmentI’m only as good as my competitor is bad. Confirmation and nurturing of their ownVanity. Although a Pimp doesn’t fall in “luuuurve” centuryy his hoes, he is more in touch with their Emotions than anyone. That’s as futile and illogical as getting mad at the sun setting every night.

Lastly, and least importantly, I surround myself with the best material items. It’s not really their business. The Art of Mashin and Smashing. Our principles are unwaivable. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Stanley marked it as to-read May 03, One thing I’ve adapted from Pimp’s and hoe’s provocative repertoires, is ensuring my tongue is a 21et more evident.

Now manipulation shouldn’t be denoted as a negative term. Hoes with less Clout than I will go into convulsions over a gleaming, ostentatious, lavish Front. I have received so much. Whatever you have heard about this being a man’s world, forget it! To the ones she already has. I’m dapper each and every day, twenty-four-seven.

I only required the slightest, as my contact with her would have been mere seconds. I don’t walk around looking as if I’ve been recently diagnosed with a terminal illness. Because he was focused on her, he missed several real prospects whilst he was pikpin his warp. Few fxo the desire and ability to develop and utilise knowledge of how the Matrix is programmed to manoeuvre within it and accomplish their own objectives.


I cherish and appreciate their feelings. I’m sensitive and deep; I don’t repress my feelings. Infinite Dreams Publishing is no longer selling the cds because they were considered a limited edition supplemental material for people who already owned the book. This doesn’t change the fact that Clout is a hoe’s primary motivation in life. Where does the Balance Of Power lie?

Natural Freedom

Recently I acquired some ice. That those women who treated you as the invisible man, who never had time to yap wouldn’t instantaneously develop eyesight and conversational skills. The thing is, it’s harder to connect with women in my experience, when you harboring a lot of hate and ffox at them as enemies instead of potential teamates My car’s always shimmering like the Cote d’Azure.

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