Mercury Sable Owners Manual [Mercury] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Whatever type of Mercury Sable you own, Haynes have you covered with Ford Taurus & Mercury Sable () Haynes Repair Manual. Haynes Mercury repair manuals cover your specific vehicle with easy to There were many popular Mercury models, including the Lynx, Capri and Sable.

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The readiness light will either flash or stay lit. Seating and safety restraints To attach the shoulder belt to the lap belt, mecrury the shoulder belt out from the retractor in the seatback and insert into the lap belt connecting pin into the wide end of the key slot on the shoulder belt. Maintenance and care If the electrolyte level in the battery is low, you can add plain tap water to the battery, as long as you do not use hard water water with a high mineral or alkali content.

Do not tow a trailer ownets your vehicle has been driven at least km miles. If the engine oil level is not within the normal range, add only certified engine oil of the recommended viscosity. Make checks payable to: Controls and features Pressing OFF will erase the previously programmed set speed. Page 49 Press the bottom portion of the rocker switch to open.

Print & Online Mercury Car Repair Manuals – Haynes Publishing

Page 8 Instrumentation Temporary malfunctions may cause your Service Engine Soon light to illuminate. Safety belts for rear-facing occupants wagon only Never use child safety seats in the third seat of a wagon. The air conditioning compressor will operate in all modes except VENT.

Page 93 Seating and safety restraints 4. The theft indicator located on the oners cluster will light for three seconds and then go out.


Mercury Sable – Owner’s Manual – PDF ( Pages)

Electronic sound system pg. Inserting a tape Push only slightly when inserting a cassette tape with the open edge to the right. Each time you fill the tank, record the amount of fuel added in liters or gallons.

Instrumentation Fuel gauge Displays approximately how much fuel is in the fuel tank when the key is in the ON position. See the following charts: You find specific information quickly, you can, use the Quick Index Index, french Owner Guides can be obtained your, dealer mmercury by writing to Ford Motor Company.

Page 92 Seating and safety restraints Installing child safety seats in combination lap and shoulder belt seating positions 1.

Mercury Sable (1986 – 1995)

Keep batteries out of reach of children. Page Should you need to arrange assistance for yourself, Ford will reimburse a reasonable amount. Customer assistance Oral presentations If you would like to make an oral presentation, indicate YES to question 6 on the application.

We have each Villager manual below, for models and newer. The air bag SRS is designed to activate when the vehicle sustains sufficient longitudinal deceleration sufficient to cause the sensors to close an electrical circuit that initiates air bag inflation. Have the items listed in your Scheduled Maintenance Guide performed according to the specified schedule.

Remove the bulb socket by rotating it 45 degrees and pulling it out of the lamp assembly. Should you need to arrange assistance for yourself, Ford will reimburse a reasonable amount. The accompanying illustration depicts the advantage of an ABS equipped vehicle on bottom to a non-ABS equipped vehicle on top during hard braking with loss of front braking traction.

However, the air will not be cooled below the outside temperature because the air conditioning does not operate in this mode. In the tape mode, tape direction will automatically reverse Seating and safety restraints Important supplemental restraint system SRS precautions The supplemental restraint system is designed to work with the safety belt to help protect the driver and right front passenger from certain upper body injuries.


However, in some climates, you may need to use snow tires and chains. Automatic locking mode In this mode, the shoulder belt is automatically pre-locked. Page Maintenance and care Replacing the tires Replace the tires when the wear band is visible through the tire treads.

Page 68 Controls and features not available one or both of your original keys were lost or stolenyou must ownfrs your vehicle to your dealership to have the spare SecuriLock programmed. The fuel system may be under pressure. October 30, Start the engine of the sablle vehicle and run the engine at moderately increased speed.

Roadside emergencies When one of the front wheels is off the ground, the transaxle alone will not prevent the vehicle from moving or slipping off the jack, even if the vehicle is in P Park.

Mercury Car manuals

We have each Milan owners manual available as a PDF download. It also gives more engine braking than overdrive to slow your vehicle on downgrades.

Clutch and driveaxles Chapter 9: Press the COMP control to activate and deactivate compression adjust. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with this braking technique. Page Mecury emergencies 3. Press the bottom portion of the rocker switch to open. Use only carnauba or synthetic-based waxes.

Seating and safety restraints The lap belts should fit snugly and as low as possible around the hips, not around the waist.

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