Mercury Sable Owners Manual [Mercury] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Whatever type of Mercury Sable you own, Haynes have you covered with Ford Taurus & Mercury Sable () Haynes Repair Manual. Haynes Mercury repair manuals cover your specific vehicle with easy to There were many popular Mercury models, including the Lynx, Capri and Sable.

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Engine number The engine number the last eight numbers of the vehicle identification number is stamped on the engine block, transmission, frame and transfer case if equipped. Instrumentation Temporary malfunctions may cause your Owwners Engine Soon light to illuminate.

Page 5 Electronic sound system pg. Make sure the jack is fastened so it does not rattle when you drive. Equipment and the options your new vehicle, you may not have bought all options, information applies to your vehicle, talk your, this guide describes equipment gives. Which indicates where detailed information can, to use the Index, turn to the back book, and search in the alphabetical listing, word that best describes information you.

Use only carnauba or synthetic-based waxes. Does not include information specific to SHO or variable fuel models. Press the control again to stop the scan mode. This decal identifies engine displacement and gives some tune up specifications. Driving with an automatic overdrive transaxle Your automatic overdrive transaxle provides fully automatic operation in either To prevent the vehicle from moving when you change a tire, be sure the parking brake is set, then block in both directions the wheel that is diagonally opposite other side and end of Call your local authorized recycling center to find out more about recycling automotive batteries.


This could damage the bumper and cause an accident. Page Roadside emergencies Page 13 Optional instrument cluster Tachometer Indicates the engine speed in revolutions per minute. Summary of Contents for Mercury Sable Page 1: It was an entry-level brand that was focused on consumers looking to take advantage of the price gap between Lincoln and Ford vehicles.

Mercury Sable – Owner’s Manual – PDF ( Pages)

Maintenance and care Always dispose of automotive batteries in a responsible manner. Remove the center ornament or wheel cover from the wheel with the tapered end of the wheel nut wrench that came sanle your vehicle.

Page 92 Seating and safety restraints Installing child safety seats in combination lap and shoulder belt seating positions 1.

Start the engine of the booster onwers and run the engine at moderately increased speed. You find specific information quickly, you can, use the Quick Index Index, french Owner Guides can be obtained your, dealer or by writing to Ford Motor Company.

Page Maintenance and care 3. Station B, Mississauga, Ontario L4Y 4G3, the Maintenance Schedule Record booklet lists, the services that are most important keeping, also provided to help you keep track all. Maintenance and care 3. Page Maintenance and care Manaul wash or rinse the engine while it is running; water in the running engine may cause internal damage.


A cassette deck loading mechanism pulls the tape in the rest of the way. Page 71 Seating and safety restraints Lift handle to move seat forward or backward. Page 64 Controls and features If you wish to erase your personal code, use the following instructions: Page Maintenance and care Adding engine oil 1.

Page 73 Seating and safety restraints 3rd seat wagon only The third seat faces the rear of the vehicle. Join our mailing list Your email.


Rotate to the second position to also turn on the headlamps. November 3, 5: Insert and twist the handle, then pry against the wheel. If it enters the red section, the engine is overheating. Page 84 Seating and safety restraints Important supplemental restraint system SRS precautions The supplemental restraint system is designed to work with the safety belt to help protect the driver and right front passenger from certain upper body injuries.

Cleaning plastic exterior parts Use vinyl cleaner for routine cleaning. Page Maintenance and care Waxing your vehicle Wax when water stops beading on the surface. The Mercury Mystique was unveiled in and discontinued after Towing trailers beyond the maximum recommended gross trailer weight exceeds the limit of the vehicle and could result in engine damage, transaxle damage, structural damage, loss of control, and personal injury.

Page 91 Seating and safety restraints When installing a child safety seat: Operating tips In humid weather, select before driving. You may be traveling on a rough road, playing badly scratched discs or the disc may be dirty. Remove bulb socket by turning counterclockwise.

Turn control to raise or lower volume. Fuel and exhaust sytems Chapter 5: Controls and features 2. Montego – Controls and features -Distributes outside air through the windshield defroster ducts. It is recommended you use ownerd appropriate Motorcraft oil filter or another brand meeting Ford specifications for your engine application.

Repairs to correct the effects of using a fuel for which your vehicle was not designed may not be covered by your warranty.

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