IMPORTANT. This User Manual should be used in conjunction with the DNB DeviceNet Scanner Module. Installation Instructions, publication DeviceNet. Logix DNB. RSLogix RediSTATION. DNB DeviceNet Scanner. Module Installation Instructions(DNB. DeviceNet.) Publication INB-EN-P – April Installation Instructions. ControlLogix DeviceNet. Scanner Module. Catalog Number DNB. Use this manual as.

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Check DeviceNet connection on front of module. Warning and Attention statements help you to: Slave device in scan list table does not exist node number alternately flashes. The input structure consists of one bit status manuao and a variable size bit array of up to words for input data. The status structure consists of several tables. Combinations of equipment in your system are subject to investigation by the local Authority Having Jurisdiction at the time of installation.

The module creates all 3 structures whether or not DeviceNet nodes are configured or online.

Manual dnb/e eds | olwntlk

Recommended Action Modify your configuration and check for invalid data. We couldn’t understand how this had happened.

Prepare the Chassis for Module Installation Before you install the module, you must install and connect nanual ControlLogix chassis and power supply.

Scanner is in this mode when it Null Master Slave Dual contains an empty or disabled scan list out-of-box default. Make sure the module properly connects to the chassis backplane.

  6XV1 830 0EH10 PDF

Wear an approved wrist-strap grounding device. The scanner hears other network communication. It does this by allowing the scanner to perform as a slave device to another master on the network.

Manual 1756-dnb/e eds

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Scanner halted by user command. Make sure that module drop cable is providing network power to module comm.

Chassis Type Series B: Make sure that scanner drop cable is providing network power to scanner communication port. This was pushed as it was thought that this was a “Reset” button. When you insert or remove a module while backplane power is on, an electrical arc may occur.

Conor is right, on older -DNB modules there was a manual configuration pushbutton inside the module’s front door. The device is operating in a normal condition and is online with no connections established. This code clears itself once scanner attempts to initialize all slave devices on the network.

No scan list is active in the module or no messages have been received by the scanner. Then we saw that the button was in fact a configuration button and not a reset button. The interior of this enclosure must be accessible only by the use of a tool. Sign up for a new account in our community. Check system for failed slave devices or other possible sources of network interference.

We did a bit of investigation and found that the node of the scanner card had been changed, from 0 to 2. Slave device is returning error responses when scanner attempts to communicate with it node number alternately flashes.


Select the network node address by pushing in and holding the pushbutton.

ControlLogix DeviceNet Scanner Module Installation Instructions_百度文库

The DNB can 1756-dhb in the following modes: Put controller in RUN mode. Check the network configuration. Firmware minor revision 01 through 3.

Electrostatic discharge can damage integrated circuits or semiconductors if you touch backplane connector pins.

We were then able to change the address back to 0. Anyway we got out the laptop and were about to start to download etc when we looked at the card again. No direct network traffic for scanner detected. Posted 19 Oct edited. Release the button when the address number shown on the display is the number you want to select.

The bit status register reflects the current state of several key module-level operational parameters. Preventing Electrostatic Discharge The DeviceNet scanner module is sensitive to electrostatic discharge. Identifies information about other practices or circumstances that can lead to personal injury or death, property damage or economic loss.

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