It was revealed that Joel McIver’s twelfth book, ‘The Greatest Metal Guitarists’, would be published globally during January via. Right off the bat, let me state that I did enjoy Joel McIver’s new book The Greatest Metal Guitarists. It’s a fast read, filled with insight. it’s from a book called greatest metal guitarists by joel mciver, not the or guitar world’s metal guitarists version.

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And personally I’d like to see Joe from Gojira a little higher Just a personal bias, Art of Dying is one of my favorite riffs of all time. Talk about a read that will leave you not only entertained but also ready to metql into the town with torches blazing. Want to Read saving…. A strong aspect of this book is the clarity of the prologue as well as the precision in the comments of each of the selected guitarists, it does not delve into unnecessary aspects, it shows greatesg brief biography and the reason why they were selected, even though this Listing is not definitive and can vary depending on the tastes of each person, gives a broad look to the genres related to metal and how each guitarist has contributed to this throughout history.

I haven’t read the book so I don’t know the gutiarists behind not considering Guiatrists Rhodes a metal guitarist but I cannot fathom how one can make that argument. Muhammad from necrophaghist 7.

In my opinion, As far as Mustaine at the top, I don’t think it’s a bad choice because he mdtal a truly well-rounded body of work. From there he begins to line out which he felt ranked at number and then works his way down to the main axe slinger of them all.

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gutarists I won’t divulge who is 1, but it won’t be who you think it is. Moreover, although they’re all masters of sweep picking, fretboard tapping and the other tricks of the modern shredder, these players are far from simple speed freaks. This was an interesting read, but I was left scratching my head from time to time as each player went passed me and I often would be flipping back and forth saying “wait, he thinks this guy is better than that guy!!!!


Hetfield on top of chuck???

jkel Some guitarists in the higher ranking numbers get only a small paragraph, like the listing for Michael Romeo who sits way giitarists at the top at 96 for some unknown reason while other players of far less a caliber get a little bit more as we find with Mantas from Venom.

Dave Mustaineokay I can agree to that: Besides, what’s the criteria for rank? Yeah, OK, they are a Christian metal band, but that shouldn’t matter! P this list’s a joke man!

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The Greatest Metal Guitarists by Joel McIver

Many guitarists included those he’s beefed with have praised his playing. Metal Guitar sells, but whose buying? This is obviously a ridiculously biased list in skill level isn’t taken into account. Matt Heafy above Michael Romeo? Open Preview See a Problem? Long story short, I agree with some on the list, but grratest as well, like most of the people here.

We know that Tony Iommi was hella influential. To play those riffs and sing at the same time takes great talent.

I couldn’t disagree more with over half his choices and where they are positioned, but Jel admire the thoroughness of his logic and thought behind the picks. Description “The Greatest Metal Guitarists” is a controversial and much-needed guide to the world of metal guitar, featuring the most accomplished performers from the vast legions of metal.

I don’t recognize about a third of the names on the list but to exclude someone like Rhodes, who probably influenced every single guitarist on the list in some way is such a major omission that the list should be considered invalid as anything other than one person’s uneducated personal point of view. The Greatest Metal Guitarists is a book with a mission.

Joel McIver – 100 greatest guitarists in metal

It’s a fast read, filled with insight, interview snippets, photographs, and opinions on plenty of metal’s most distinguished axemen.


Agreed about the blatant dismissal of his list.

Dbag or not, he is an incredibly well rounded player. But that goes with several other bands that do 010 guitar players on that list. Colin Pate rated it liked it Jun 09, I don’t agree with many things, like all three guys from Iron Maiden should be in the top 20, so should Marty Friedman and Chris Poland. In this book, metal guitar expert McIver selects the most accomplished guitarists from the four generations of metal to date and places them in order according to their guitadists proficiency, or their pioneering ideas–or both.

And as far as Randy Rhoads goes, are Blizzard of Oz and Diary of a Madman not two of the greatest heavy metal albums of the early 80’s?

Gentaro Satomura from Storm Rider? I’m not sure what criteria McIver used to decide who the “shredders” are, but they are guitarisst mentioned in another category called “shredders,” because they belong in a category all their own. Mteal you’re into the modern metal of Trivium, Avenged Sevenfold and Dragonforce, classic 80s and greatesg extreme metal from Metallica, Slayer and Pantera, or the movement’s original pioneers Black Sabbath, Judas Grwatest and Iron Maiden, you’ll love this book–and from the moment you lay eyes on No.

This one will surely cause some controversy and has already started some debates among guitar players that I know and hang around with. To ask other readers questions about The Greatest Metal Guitaristsplease sign up. I had to admit that this one really left me confused even though I tried to see where the author was coming from with it.

And number one is Next will be Revolver’s Top 50 most brutal albums with Sepultura – Roots right at the top or some shit.

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