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experience something special. I never been in a brothel before, so this is totally new and kinda stressfull for me (.). Smaller and more intimate than the famous shopping street, but with its very own Wilhelmstrasse vibe, is the quarter incorporating Goldgasse, Kranzplatz square and Kochbrunnenplatz square. I will go to Munich next week for one month. The Kurhaus spa assembly rooms, situated in the magnificent English-style park and framed by a number of glorious buildings, are a venue for first-class entertainment. So what are you waiting for?

Wiesbaden: Art of touch hamburg wiesbaden fkk

But the city's crowning glory has to be the Kaiser Friedrich baths on the site of an ancient Roman steamroom: the 1,500 square metres of saunas will leave guests feeling pampered from head to toe. Lassen Sie sich völlig entspannt und vertrauensvoll fallen.


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Art of touch hamburg wiesbaden fkk - Art of Touch

Wiesbaden is one of the best-heeled cities in Germany: this ultra-sophisticated city is characterised by its refined taste, its touch of class and its prestige. A long-established and exclusive spa resort, the city is widely regarded as the wellness capital of Europe. Art of Touch - die sinnliche Massage.

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