Companion deluxe venus 2000 modifications

companion deluxe venus 2000 modifications

Pressing this button too many times adds too much air resulting in the receiver flying off (trust us, weve shot the receiver off Captain Happy a few times). But, using the Venus 2000 falls shortly behind in second place. The Air Control Box is (in our opinion) the most important part of the overall proper function of the Venus 2000 as it controls the amount of air within the system. Heres some of ours Things We Like: Powerful suction and pulsations Its fairly quiet Additional attachments to add variety to playtime Very high quality Customer service is 2nd to none! Setup, getting the Venus 2000 ready to use is quite simple! I had an opportunity to place the receiver around Robins clit and she immediately started panting once the dial was turned way. With string and a ruler in hand, I grabbed Liams other hand and lead him into the bathroom and ordered him to drop his pants so I could help take the necessary measurements.

Companion deluxe venus 2000 modifications - Venus

Pump Liam Says: For me, the pump was my least favorite attachment. Liam felt slightly larger than normal and he felt completely different as I slid down on his shaft and rode him like a cowgirl. We often use the receiver attachment during erotic massages and for edging. companion deluxe venus 2000 modifications

Homemade pump: Companion deluxe venus 2000 modifications

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Swinger clubs in hamburg bordell eschborn Robin Says: I didnt use the pump on myself. Fortunately, it is quite easy. But if what Ive described makes sense to anyone, they may want to try some similiar modifications. My first gute pornoseite swingerclub giessen four hands-free trials wound up with the receiver completely flying off of my penis.
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First Generation The, venus 2000 is a machine designed to stroke the penis. And mounted it on the. Homemade pump: more user friendly with innertubes. I like to use a latex liner tube I got with. Be sure to check back for more product reviews or subscribe to our newsletter for automatic updates. Although companion deluxe venus 2000 modifications I love this attachment, its very hard for me to reach orgasm from it alone. Also there are a few things found around the house that can be used as well in receiver construction. Probably the most difficult thing for us was understanding the Air Control Box.

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